CIMS Weekly Chart : Week Ending 10/1/2015


I am always reluctant to repeat myself in these chart messages, but this matter is so important to our industry that it bears repeating again and again

The current trend in vinyl pricing is not starting to affect sales--it is absolutely affecting sales. We all know vinyl is the bright spot in our industry as far as growth. The CIMS stores' CD business is also getting better, but not at the growth rate we see with vinyl sales.

I own an independent music store, The Record Exchange, and it gives me a good vantage point to study customer behavior and here is what I am seeing on a regular basis. A customer shows up on Tuesday or Friday excited that his or her favorite band or artist has released a new record. They enter the store and immediately ask a clerk where they can find the new release so they can get right to it. The clerk walks them to the new arrival rack or the artist section. They pick up the record with excitement and anticipation and then they see the price and start cursing. They put the record back and begin blaming the store, the label, and their favorite artist for trying to rip them off. If they are reasonable they understand the store has little to do with the pricing and even if they are reasonable they blame us anyway and then go off on the industry in general. Believe me, the average consumer has little patience for a repeat of the over-pricing of CDs and they have VERY formed opinions of our industry. And is this the way you expect to grow an artist’s career? By pissing off their most fervent fans?

Vinyl pricing is truly affecting sales out here in the real world. Are we going to make a collective effort to control this runaway beast or are we content to see this market flounder and offer product that only the wealthy can afford? Does a vinyl price of $30, $35, $40 for a single record really make sense for your artist? Are we going to let runaway greed ruin a very bright moment for a format that, thankfully, refuses to die? Really?

Michael Bunnell
Executive Director
Coalition of Independent Music Stores
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