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Today we are happy to welcome a new addition to the CIMS family. Stephan Judge, who owns the Schoolkids Records in Raleigh, NC and who is the owner/manager of Blurt Magazine, has taken over an existing store in Durham, NC. This is Stephen's second store and it will join CIMS programs in May. Stephen’s Raleigh store has built a huge following and community presence and we’re sure the new location will be just as successful. Congratulations, Stephen.


Here is a statement from Stephen:

Hey everyone, as many of you have likely heard by now, we have some exciting news at Schoolkids Records. With the closing of Offbeat Music in Durham over the weekend, I have come to an agreement with Bright Leaf Square to take over the old Offbeat space and open a second Schoolkids Records location in Durham, which should be official tomorrow. We will be in this location for two months and then just move a few feet away to another location across the brick mall here at Bright Leaf to a space that I like a little more and is more suitable for our business growth (plus they have someone else moving into this space in June). The key was that we wanted to move in as quickly as possible to make sure we had a second store open in Durham for Record Store Day on April 18th, this will make sure that happens. It will help both stores as we will be able to share inventory with each other and transfer product back and forth as needed.

Thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout the years and especially over the last year in our new location in Raleigh at Mission Valley. The great year we had last year put us in the position to be able to make this move when the time was right. This will serve as no change to the Raleigh location, other than I will be running the Durham store from open to close every day for the first six months or so, to get it on solid ground with inventory and into a groove to serve Durham's needs. This is especially rewarding personally, because I never wanted to see Schoolkids close their old locations in Durham and Chapel Hill back many years ago, but understand why it had to happen. 

The growth of Vinyl over the last 5-6 years has really given us the confidence that we can expand ourselves and serve two wonderful communities. With the awesome growth in downtown Durham this seemed like the right time to reopen.

Please stop by when you are in Durham! The Address is: 905 W Main St, Durham, NC 27701 at Bright Leaf Square and we have tons of parking! thank you again, I sincerely appreciate all of the support and kind words as I have been quietly putting this together over the last two months and excited that I can now share the news!!…/on-the-b…/article12588803.html &


Stephen Judge, owner
Schoolkids Records
2237-101 Avent Ferry Rd
Raleigh, NC 27606

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