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We’re happy this week to announce another addition to the CIMS family. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, are three great record stores--Wooden Nickel, which were started by Bob Roets in the 80's. The more I look at communities across the nation the more I realize the remaining stores are strong and vibrant parts of their local communities. Wooden Nickel is certainly one of those and will be joining our programs on April 1st.

Welcome to CIMS, Bob.


A note from Wooden Nickel:

Wooden Nickel Records opened back in the summer of 1982 on North Clinton Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana by Bob and Cindy Roets during the first year of MTV music television. Bob had worked at three other record stores in Madison, Wisconsin while in college and after graduation, moved to Fort Wayne to manage Slatewood Records. At just 23 years old, Bob’s dream of owning his own record store came a reality in 1982 and grew quickly as Wooden Nickel introduced Fort Wayne to the Compact Disc in 1983(the first title released was an import of Genesis “Genesis”). Due to the explosion in popularity of the CD, Wooden Nickel went from one location to six (N. Clinton, N. Crescent, Time Corners, Dupont, Southgate and Georgetown) in Fort Wayne in their first decade of business. Things were going great in the music business until the debut of Napster in 1999 signaled a huge downturn in physical music product sales. With free file sharing services, itunes along with internet sales(Amazon for example) well over 3000 record stores went out of business over the next decade. Wooden Nickel was not exempt to the changes in the industry, losing it’s Dupont, Southgate and Georgetown locations by 2007.

A major turning point occurred the next year (2008), as Record Store Day was born. Wooden Nickel was one of just a handful of multi-store independent music locations that participated the first year, and began to notice a rather interesting trend that grew each year after our first RSD. That of course was the return of vinyl, which has grown at a double digit rate for us over the past seven years!

One of WN’s special hallmark’s has been our in-store signings and performances through the years- bands to appear at Wooden Nickel over the years include artists like Bo Diddley, They Might Be Giants, .38 Special, Foreigner, Krokus, Dokken, Queensrÿche, The Tubes, Joe Bonamassa, Static X and Soil to name a few. Wooden Nickel has hosted over 350 performances in it’s 33 year existence, most of which have featured the some of the finest musical talent in and around Fort Wayne. Check out our YouTube channel which features over 2500 videos shot in our stores featuring many of these in-store performances. The videos on YouTube channel have received accumulated well over 1,000,000 views, bringing much needed attention to many artists in our local music community!

We are truly a family run local business as both of Bob and Cindy’s sons, Christopher and Andrew have logged countless hours in the stores through the years. Wooden Nickel has received many accolades through the years, including 22 national sales awards, 9 Fort Wayne Newspapers “Best Of Fort Wayne” awards and most recently the 2014 H. Stanley Liddell Fort Wayne Special Achievement Award for our enthusiastic promotion of Fort Wayne’s musicians and the local music scene for over three decades.

Wooden Nickel is indeed honored to join many of the best music stores in the country working together as The Coalition of Independent Music Stores(CIMS) and vows to continue to bring our customers great service and selection along with being a positive force in our local community.

Michael Bunnell 
Executive Director 
Coalition of Independent Music Stores 
ThinkIndie Distribution 
The Record Exchange 
1105 W. Idaho Street 
Boise, ID 83702 
208.761.3155 cell 
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CIMS Selections 
Here's what the CIMS staffers are fancying this week:

Russell Cothran - ThinkIndie Sales & Marketing 
Tuxedo- Tuxedo (Stones Throw) 

Definitely showing my age here, but this record takes me back to the high school days, watching Donnie Simpson & Video Soul where you could catch the latest jams from the likes of Cameo, Roger, The Time, Prince & any of his related projects. Even the video feels old school...another great record from Stones Throw!

Scott Register- ThinkIndie A&R 
Jose Gonzalez- Vestiges & Claws (Mute/Artist Intelligences)

Pure bliss! Nothing centers me faster than this music.