CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 4/5/15


CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 4/5/2015


The Record Store Day releases are beginning to pile up in the back of my store amid the chaos of a remodel we just completed. That’s right--we’re crazy enough to take on a major project just days before for the big event and just a few days after Treefort Music Fest, which was held in Downtown Boise. It will all be worth it we keep repeating to ourselves as we muscle our way through the first major store remodel in 18-years. I think it's significant to note that not too many years ago we would not have thought of spending money on capital improvements, but the situation for independent stores has changed and Record Store Day has played a major part in the turn-a-round. I think we all need to recognize that fact, especially during the current carping about the day tying up the pressing plants for independent labels. Record Store Day contributed immeasurably to the rebirth and continued success of vinyl and the day serves to highlight a lot of independent labels. I believe 60% of the releases this year are from independent labels and those labels are dear to the hearts of us at Record Store Day and also to the store owners. As Record Store Day has grown it's become apparent that there have been some consequences that we could not foresee--that's par for the course for successful events because there are always growing pains. But I believe we all need to realize that prior to this point in the history of music retail we did not have an event to celebrate our place in the culture of communities and cities around the world. Busy pressing plants are a problem, yes, as are under-produced titles and awkward allocation fulfillment, but blaming Record Store Day is short-sighted and petty. I think we owe it to music fans and music stores everywhere to solve these problems and remain united in our support of the most important day of the year for indie music retail.

Michael Bunnell 
Executive Director 
Coalition of Independent Music Stores 
ThinkIndie Distribution 
The Record Exchange 
1105 W. Idaho Street 
Boise, ID 83702 
208.761.3155 cell 
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CIMS Selections 
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Scott Register - ThinkIndie A&R 
Death Cab for Cutie- Kintsugi (Barsuk) 
One of the band's finest moments. My favorite Death Cab album since Transatlanticism.


Blake Wimberly - CIMS/ThinkIndie Cabana Boy 
Eagulls- Eagulls (Partisan) 
Volume up.