CIMS Weekly Chart : Week Ending 6/28/2015


Week Ending 6/28/2015

Last week I attended the A2IM Indie Week in NYC as well as the AEC Convention in Fort Lauderdale. It was my first time at both events and I'm honestly impressed with both.

The A2IM organization had a great focus on what the independent label needs are and appears to be doing a bang-up job providing an agenda and panels that are relevant. The speed-dating day took a minute to get used to but in the end it accomplished what it was intended to provide--introductions and contacts, most of them brand new to me. Record Store Day had a panel that provided some good discussions about the forthcoming Friday Street Date challenge and how independent labels are reacting. Those conversations are honestly changing our approach to the issue. Thanks to Rich Bergloff and his staff for the invite.

The AEC Convention also was rewarding and provided access to many of the people working for that organization and a slew of their partners. The distributors' presentations were informative and actually fun, considering I’m allergic to sizzle reels. Thanks to Ken Glaser and his staff for making us feel very welcomed.

And finally, good luck to everyone navigating the New Release day next week. It has occupied many weeks of work to figure out how we are all going to move forward just to stand still.


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