CIMS Weekly Chart : Week Ending 1/1/16 + Year End Chart


CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 1/1/2016
Greetings Everyone and Happy New Year,

I have December sales numbers in from most of the CIMS stores and, as usual, reports are mixed with an overall average sales increase of about 3%. New CD sales slipped an average of 6% while new vinyl sales increased an average of nearly 15%. The range in sales on new vinyl was from down 2% to up 46%. The used side of those businesses reported a slip in average used CD sales of only 2% while used vinyl grew an average of 17%. Again the range for vinyl was wide from down 20% to an increase of 54%. Lifestyle sales for December gained an average of 5%, with some stores reporting record growth.

For 2015 on the whole, the numbers were pretty strong. Overall the reporting stores showed an average of 4.9% for the year but many stores showed double-digit growth. New CDs slowed again by about 5%, which matches last year’s numbers. New vinyl showed an average of 16% growth with a range of 2% down to 34% up for the year. Used CDs slowed an average of 6.5% but used vinyl grew by an average of 22%, which help everyone’s margins. Lifestyle grew an average of 5%, but as in December, many stores had strong double-digit growth in this department.

My overall conclusions are that vinyl sales growth is slowing a bit and now being influenced by inflated prices and supply chain problems. Because we are dealing with non-returnable product, the bloat of unsold goods in the stores is affecting buying budgets and that problem is now being felt in distributors' warehouses and at the one-stops. This will be a big problem going forward and smart people at the labels are beginning to realize that some form of overstock relief is necessary to keep their account base healthy. This could take many forms so we all need to be thinking about how to determine the best solutions. CD sales are continuing to slide, but that has slowed way down. We are all still very much in the CD business and a premature death notice would only repeat the mistakes made with vinyl in years past. Also, I've attached the Year End Charts for CIMS sales.

In closing, I am happy to announce that CIMS will be adding a new member to the family in February 2016. Omega Music has been a Dayton fixture in one location or another since 1983. They are a full-service store and carry all genres and also maintain a strong stereo gear department. Welcome to CIMS, Alex and Greg. We look forward to working with you both. Below is a short bio of the store.

Also included this week are the Year End CIMS Charts- top sellers for the entire year.



Omega Music, Located at 318 E. Fifth St. in downtown Dayton’s Oregon District, is a prime outlet for any music enthusiast. Omega Thrift n’ Records was founded in 1979 on Delaware Avenue. Gary Staiger, the founder, would later change that name to Omega Music in 1983. Since its inception, Omega has made its home to various locations in Dayton’s Santa Clara neighborhood for decades. It’s most current location is more centrally located, allowing Omega Music to act as musical hub for Daytonians.

In 2010, shortly after the move to the Oregon District, Omega Music’s Founder, Gary Staiger passed away. His sons Alex and Greg continue to run Omega Music to this day. Omega has evolved over the past 36 years from a simple second hand store that just happened to sell records to the largest record store in the greater Dayton metropolitan area. Omega continues to grow and expand its inventory of new and used vinyl, CD’s and movies daily. Omega Music also has a website where almost everything in the store can be found online at

Alex and Greg Staiger
Omega Music
318 East 5th Street
Dayton, OH 45402
(937) 275-9949