CIMS Weekly Chart : Week Ending 1/8/16



CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 1/8/2016

Reg from ThinkIndie Distribution and CIMS HQ pinch hitting for Michael this week with a few notes from our corner of the world.

Before I get started on business stuff, I would be remiss if I didn't say how heartbroken we all are at CIMS/TID at the loss of one of the all-time greats, David Bowie. Honestly, I thought the office would be empty yesterday after getting the news. We have some big time Bowie fans in the office, our GM Andrea Paschal in particular, and there was definitely a heavy vibe around here yesterday. But a funny thing happened, in the office and everywhere I turned, instead of grief and sorry, a celebration took place. Bowie tunes flowed down the hall all day, stories were traded around our offices and all over social media, David Bowie's iconic legend brought folks together. That's what great artists and great art do, they unify. And Bowie's legacy will continue to do that for ages and ages.

2016 is off and running but before 2015 gets too far behind us, we at ThinkIndie would like to thank all of you who helped us have an incredibly solid year. Thanks to all the artists, managers, labels, distros… for working with us to get the products in the hands of the stores and customers. Record Store Day and Black Friday were once again big winners for us, we had a Top 20 debut on Soundscan from Puscifer (Money Shot) and big releases from Sigur Ros, Violent Femmes, Thom Yorke, Dave Matthews Band, Garbage, Dandy Warhols and Mad Season plus a plethora of colored vinyl indie exclusives that kept people coming in the doors of the indie stores. We want to work with you in 2016. Please contact me ( and let's get a project going soon. We have our production calendar set for the year (let me know if you'd like a copy) and want to fill it with your cool titles. Speaking of Record Store Day…

It's not too late to get your title in for RSD 2016. We still have room to fit you in and would love to work with you. Record Store Day 2016 is coming April 16 and ThinkIndie Distribution is looking forward to another incredible year. Last year, TID distributed over 60 titles and had a 98% sell through rate of what was available from us. We hope you will consider working with us as an Official RSD Distributor as we know we can get your RSD products into the hands of the stores the day celebrates and the fans that love your music. Plus, as you know, our terms are Net 60 so you'll get paid promptly for your product.

Below is TID's RSD 2016 Production Calendar. TID needs your titles NOW, so let's talk. Feb. 2 is the deadline to get me your titles so I can get them to RSD. We will solicit in late February and will need product in our warehouse March 18.

Here is the calendar.

February 2: Provide details on all Record Store Day commercial products. Production runs are up to each label/studio based on projected demand. Distribution of your Record Store Day commercial products are meant to be just for the stores who are celebrating and we encourage you to make RSD products available to independently owned record stores in all territories (i.e., Japan, Canada, the UK, and Europe mainly).
March 1: Artwork for all Record Store Day commercial products, and any on-line web and email banners for these products must be received so I can get them to Carrie at RSD.
March 18: All Record Store Day commercial products being carried by ThinkIndie must be in the warehouse for packing and shipping.

That's the TID schedule (it pretty much mirrors the RSD schedule). Let's make Record Store Day even more special together. If TID can be of service to you getting your product in the hands of the Record Stores who celebrate this wonderful day each year, let me hear from you. Come on!


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