CIMS Weekly Chart : Week Ending 3/25/16


Here are the charts for the week.


Michael Bunnell
Executive Director
Coalition of Independent Music Stores
ThinkIndie Distribution
The Record Exchange
1105 W. Idaho Street
Boise, ID 83702
208.761.3155 cell
208.343.0107 x3 office
208.322.8051 fax


Scott Register - ThinkIndie A&R 
Pete Yorn- Arranging Time (Capitol)

Not sure why, but Pete Yorn has and always will write songs I connect with. Maybe we listened to the same albums or went to the same shows growing up. Maybe we see the world through similar eyes. Maybe it's just dumb luck. Whatever it is, I'm glad he keeps making records because they are therapeutic to me. Highlights include "Lost Weekend," "Halifax," "I'm Not The One" and "Roses" but I dig this one start to finish.