CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 3/3/17


Here are the charts for the week.


Michael Bunnell
Executive Director
Coalition of Independent Music Stores
ThinkIndie Distribution
The Record Exchange
1105 W. Idaho Street
Boise, ID 83702
208.761.3155 cell
208.343.0107 x3 office
208.322.8051 fax

CIMS Selections
Here's what the CIMS staffers are fancying this week:

Scott Register - ThinkIndie A&R
Heath Green & The Makeshifters- Heath Green & The Makeshifters (Alive Naturalsound)

Bathe yourself in some rocking, bluesy, funky Alabama soul.

Nick Campbell - ThinkIndie Warehouse
Chris Cohen- As If Apart (Captured Tracks)

I've probably listened to this album and individual songs from it since seeing Chris Cohen open for Angel Olsen last month, and it's likely I'll listen to it again today. Cohen sounds like a singer-songwriter who listens to a lot of Dungen, Stereolab, and Real Estate. Throw in the lower registers of Ben Folds' vocals, and you have a smooth, groovy, and fun listening experience for a walk on a sunny spring afternoon.