CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 4/21/17 +RSD 2017



CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 4/21/2017
*Our apologies for this chart being a few days late, we had a bit of data confusion that had to be dealt with.*


Damn, that was fun. Many of us secretly thought that Record Store Day might have peaked in 2015. Wrong. The reports from the CIMS stores were almost universally positive. Many of our stores have announced that RSD 2017 was the largest day in their history — that included my own store, which had its best day in our 40 years.

The breadth of titles was outstanding. The list included classic rock titles alongside hipster titles, with many jazz and classical titles entering our best-seller charts or coming close. The list is always strong, but having superstar titles in the mix always seems to make a difference, as noted comparing last year’s list to this one. I have reports from many of the stores, and those figures and comments can be seen in the attached file. We have, as usual, included a CIMS RSD best sellers chart for your enjoyment.

A word of thanks to everyone involved in our tenth Record Store Day. First our partners Michael Kurtz and Carrie Colliton who lead the charge. Also thanks this year to a group of about a dozen store owners for reviewing the submitted titles and okaying or denying them and suggesting print run sizes. Eric Levin, Jon Berger, Perry Sherpa and Blake Wimberly, thanks for your contributions. And finally a thanks to the artists, labels, distributors and all the stores. Way to go, everybody.


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