CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 1/19/18

Week Ending 1/19/2018

It is time to reenergize our efforts to get placement of the Record Store Day Indie Option button on artist and label sites. We hear a lot of verbiage about how devoted artists and labels are to the indie store sector. We hear how an artist's development still happens in the independent music store, and how artists who believe in our stores champion our efforts to their fan bases all over the world. Well, what those stores need is a little help from the artists and labels who are our real partners.

It’s really easy to use the Indie Option button alongside the ubiquitous Spotify and Amazon buttons to offer fans the option of ordering music from a real independent record store — a place that hires employees in your town, that pays taxes to support schools, roads and especially non-profits, a place that supports other independent retailers in your communities because they know how hard it is to survive amongst the Amazons of the world.

The independent store base has always been threatened by large corporate interests that have supported big box stores, download stores and now Direct-to-Consumer retail efforts from just about everybody. We lost thousands of independent stores to illegal downloading and price wars between giant retailers that ultimately abandoned music products when sales declined. Do you all really want to see a replay of those bad ol' days?

It’s time for you to support this community that has supported you for their entire careers.

Shop Indie and Buy Local.

Here is an instruction page for how to place the button and how it functions.


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