CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 2/16/18

CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 2/16/2018

Here are the charts for the week.


Michael Bunnell
Executive Director
Coalition of Independent Music Stores
ThinkIndie Distribution
The Record Exchange
1105 W. Idaho Street
Boise, ID 83702
208.761.3155 cell
208.343.0107 x3 office
208.322.8051 fax


CIMS Selections
Here's what the CIMS staffers are fancying this week:


Scott Register - ThinkIndie A&R
Brandi Carlile- By The Way, I Forgive You (Low Country Sound/Elektra)

Hard to put down in words how I feel about Brandi, Tim & Phil. The sense of pride I get as I see music fan after music fan discover their music can only be compared to how I feel when my kids accomplish something great. Much has changed since I first picked up that CD from the pile by my desk, saw that young woman on the cover glaring at me with a face that said, “I will be heard,” and shot off an email to anyone who would read it asking them to listen to this special voice and meaningful songs. It’s never been easy for them but they have persevered, stayed determined, lived and loved hard and won over music lovers at every chance they have been given. This record is the sound of it all paying off. Hope it takes them to heights they’ve only dreamed of going.



Nick Campbell - ThinkIndie Warehouse Manager
The Drums- Abysmal Thoughts (Anti/Epitaph)

I’ve been a fan of The Drums since their 2010 debut (and unknowingly since Jonny Pierce’s 2005 album Golden with previous act Elkland). The sound doesn’t change too substantially album-to-album - adding some darker textures or more angular sounds on certain ones - but if you’re a fan of New Order, Joy Division, fast rhythmic indie rock/pop, and crooning lead singers, this should be playing where you live. I’ve been listening to Abysmal Thoughts off-and-on since finally seeing The Drums last November, which is a must if you get a chance. I’ve never seen so many people letting go and dancing so giddily. Ever.