CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 2/23/18



CIMS Weekly Chart

Week Ending 2/23/2018

Vinyl is hot. You all know this. Last year saw record sales in the U.S. for vinyl. But did you know that audio books are the fastest growing vertical in digital publishing? So, our friends at Wax Audio Group started thinking, “What about books on vinyl?” And that’s how Think Indie Distribution’s partnership with Wax Audio Group was born.

"There’s a new opportunity to curate a unique offering on vinyl that appeals to the fan and collector that is crossing over between these two listening experiences,” Jeff Bowers of Wax Audio Group said. “This well curated, thoughtful series of spoken-word releases is a response to the tremendous growth in audiobooks and vinyl, part of a new moment in what has become a listening revolution.”

"On the business side it’s rare that a new vertical presents itself and even rarer that it is such a collectible and tactile format. Vinyl audiobooks bridge the gap between retail book and record stores but more than anything else, it’s cool and when you have something you’re proud to be a part of ­— it’s the most rewarding part of any release,” added David Bason of Wax Audio Group.

“The Coalition of Independent Music stores and Think Indie Distribution are very excited to be partnering with Wax Audio Group and its publishing partners in the release of audiobooks on vinyl. With the resurgence of the vinyl format we think the day has come for spoken word records to find their place in the modern record store and bookstore alike. The caliber of artists surfacing through our partnership is unbelievable and a real representation of the power of the modern author to reach a new and bigger audience through a format that is both historical and ground breaking at the same time,” said Michael Bunnell, Executive Director of CIMS and TID.

Our first release, which is available now, comes from Hachette Audio. In celebration of the beloved author’s birthday this month, David Foster Wallace’s This Is Water comes in two limited collector’s editions. 1,500 of these records feature a blue-and-white water-inspired design while 500 have been pressed on “goldfish orange” vinyl. This is Water originated from a commencement speech given by Wallace at Kenyon College on May 21, 2005, and was later published in book form as This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate LifeTime Magazinehas ranked it among the best commencement speeches ever delivered.

Other titles confirmed by Hachette Audio for vinyl release this year through Wax and TID include Hamilton: The Revolutionby Lin Manuel-Miranda and Jeremy McCarter, Jerry on Jerry by Jerry Garcia, edited by Dennis McNally, Lonely Boy by Steve Jones, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, The Hard Stuff by Wayne Kramer, Nelson Mandela’s Favorite African Folktales and multiple titles from David Sedaris. All of these releases will also include complementary digital download codes for the full version of the audiobook (for titles too long to fit on one or two LPs.

Please take a look at this piece that ran in Billboard this week about our partnership with Hachette Audio.

Our next release is coming April 20 and is the “VINYL FIRST PUBLICATION” of Joe Hill’s brand new short story, Dark Carousel, performed by actor Nate Corddry and featuring a version of The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses" recorded by Matthew Ryan. Dark Carousel will be available exclusively on vinyl prior to any other format. Beautifully packaged with original artwork, the vinyl also includes a full-length digital download of the Dark Carousel audiobook and comes on two Yellow #2 (Transparent) with black splatter LPs. This first printing is limited to 2,500 copies. debuted the cover art earlier this week Check it out.

HarperAudio will publish several other vinyl editions this year with Wax & TID including A Series of Unfortunate Events #1: The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket, Love Poems by Nikki Giovanni, and The Monarch of the Glenn and Black Dog(American Gods sequel novellas) by Neil Gaiman.

Think Indie is thrilled to be teaming up with WAX Audio and Hachette Publishing on the exciting new books on vinyl format. We're looking forward to connecting the world of audio book lovers with the world of vinyl lovers. The possibilities are endless for this format and we think these releases are going to make fans of the authors extremely happy and allow our company to broaden its reach into the marketplace and help bring vinyl into outlets that have never offered it to their customers before. Please let myself ( our Russell Cothran ( know if you would like to bring in these titles or if you have a book you would like to see released on vinyl. We look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Register
Think Indie Distribution A&R


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Nick Campbell - ThinkIndie Warehouse Manager
Laraaji- Vision Songs, Vol. 1 (Numero Group)

I’d only heard of Laraaji from a Brian Eno collaboration, but I’m considering become more familiar. From what I’ve read, this collection is fairly different from his other work – specifically, more vocally oriented, slightly less new-agey. It’s a great listen on a Saturday afternoon at home. The music is dreamy and ethereal, floating through and down from the clouds and being composed mostly of mystical-sounding chants. If you like acts like Bibio or Gold Panda, I’d recommend giving this a listen.