CIMS Weekly Chart: Week Ending 3/8/18

Week Ending 3/9/2018
Note: We were unable to send the CIMS Charts out last week due to an internal issue at BuzzAngle. The problem is still being looked at, so in the meantime we'll be using StreetPulse numbers.


We lost a giant of music retailing last week, Russ Solomon. I bought my first record at his downtown Sacramento location (Green Onions) and spent a large part of my youth at the Tower location on Watt Avenue. That location was amazing — stacks of vinyl up and down the aisles, an incredible inventory, listening booths, snotty clerks, it was beautiful.

I think Russ always understood that he was in show business and he was the ringmaster. His larger than life personality fit that roll perfectly. He, almost by himself, invented the concept of a standalone music store with as much inventory as you could cram into it. It was loud, brash, outlandish and beyond everything, fun — a blast, in fact. It planted a seed in my head and the heads of hundreds of independent kids that led them to a career in music retailing.

I’ve thought about that Watt Avenue store many times over the years, and my mantra is that we are in show business, and the minute my store isn’t exciting and a real experience to visit, I’ve betrayed that lesson Russ taught me years ago. We aren’t selling widgets or food, we’re in the arts and entertainment business, and I’m happy Russ helped me understand that concept.

Rest in Peace, Russ Solomon.

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