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Record Archive Rochester, NY: Susanna Rose Release

Susanna Rose
Susanna Rose “Snowbound” CD Release
Join us to celebrate the release of one of our members of staff Susanna Rose’s beautiful new CD "Snowbound".

Susanna Rose. Singer-songwriter.
Hi! I'm Susanna Rose. I write poems and then I make them into songs. You can listen to them here.
Sometimes life is beautiful and sometimes life is a pile of dog poop. The meaning of the struggle is ambiguous, but out of it come beautiful songs if you listen for them.
I lived in London the winter of 2009, and a friend started teaching me to play guitar. I was shy then. I had made songs since I had a voice but never considered myself a "songwriter." "All you need to do," taught my friend, "is pick a few chords and write some words that rhyme."
Suddenly I had hope that I too could be an artist. The next winter I recorded my first album, The Wishing Well, at a friend's studio in Rochester, NY. At my first house show, I handed the album out for free in brown paper bags. Then I left for South Korea to teach English.
Six years later I have many songs and stories to share. I've played throughout my home state of New York; I've guest performed with the bands of friends including the Greenbeans and Clam; and I released my second album, Snowbound, in November of 2015.
Last November, I won a singer-songwriter contest at the Firehouse Saloon, and used the prize of 5 free hours of studio recording time to record the first song I ever wrote back in London (listen here).
Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I hope my music resonates with you.
Susanna Rose
"Susanna possesses an incredible ability to be conversational through her writing. It almost feels as though a longtime friend is seated next to you, sharing her worries and shedding small wisdoms." Shauna Presto, Buffablog
"Have you ever heard something so pretty, it hurt? Well, just try Susanna Rose's new release, 'Snowbound.' This haunting collection of tunes was penned during last year's epic winter..."Snowbound" is deep in its simplicity, voluminous on its subtlety,
and drenched in an understated beauty." Frank De Blase, Rochester City Newspaper
"Susanna’s slightly ethereal vocals float with the delicacy of a falling snowflake weaving their way through the keenly examining, observational lyrics. Soft melodies embrace the words to fix them in your head." Tom Franks, FolkWords