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Need to get in touch with a particular store? Well check out the link below for a complete CIMS member contact list containing each store's primary contact person, address, phone number, fax and email address.
All Store Addresses
CIMS Store Info

AVERY MAILING LABELS missed our promo shipment and now you're stuck mailing everything out yourself. Well, we feel for ya and we're gonna try to make it easier on you. The links below contain Avery Mailing Labels for each CIMS program. Just select the program in which you've been accepted and the file will download right to your computer. You'll find the addresses for the stores that participate in that particular program. Insert mailing labels into your printer, click print and apply each store address to your envelopes/'s that easy! These mailing labels also act as a signal to the stores that your piece of mail is for a CIMS Program. So make sure to use them!
In the Groove Labels
Headbanger's Labels
Homegrown Labels
Indie Fresh
Now Hear This Labels
Outside The Heard Labels
Recommended + Handpicked Labels

Trying to determine which zone you'd like to focus on for your Regional P&P promotion? Check out the link below for a map of our 7 Zones and the CIMS stores that lie within each one.
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Not all CIMS stores participate in the same CIMS programs; afterall, they are all unique independent record stores! Don't worry though, we'll make this easy for you: Just check out the link below for a handy little spreadsheet that breaks down each store by their CIMS program participation. Programs are abbreviated per the following: OTR (On the Radar), UTR (Under the Radar), MIX (Mixtape), HG (Homegrown), HW (Headbanger's Wall), OTH (Outside the Heard), REC (Recommends) and P&P (National P&P - Now Hear This).
Download Spreadsheet

So, you want to book an in store performance (or a few) for your artist? Check out the link below. It will give you answers to all sorts questions such as : Which CIMS stores do in store performances? Who is my contact? Is there a stage or PA setup? We have compiled all that info and more for you into one handy document.
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